was launched in March 2008 to provide a valuable online resource of information for and about members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

"Throughout the history of the Deseret News, the vast majority of our readers have been members of the LDS church," says Joseph A. Cannon, editor of the Deseret News. " gives us the opportunity to utilize the resources of the Deseret News to reach out to our LDS audience in very specific and, we believe, very meaningful ways." uses the journalistic skills of Deseret News editors and writers and the online expertise of Deseret Digital Media to produce a Web site with content to meet the needs of readers looking for news about the church; doctrinal and historical information; Mormon culture and fun; and a variety of blogs and opinions relevant to LDS church members.

From its first month online, doubled its monthly page views within seven months and tripled within 15 months.

The Web site is currently undergoing a redesign, involving improvements to layout and navigation, with a focus on providing more interactive opportunities for reader participation. The relaunched site will also feature an expanded group of regular columnists and bloggers, representing the diversity of church members.