The LDS Church News became a part of the Deseret News in 1931, when computers and the Internet were things of science fiction. The Deseret News started using computers in the 1980s and in 1988 began to capture articles electronically for archival use. As the Internet evolved, the Deseret News and LDS Church News became available online.

In its printed form, the LDS Church News is also an official publication of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and material presented in Church News is carefully reviewed for doctrinal clarity and accuracy. The LDS Church News' Web site is an "authorized Internet site for news of the church."

Because the LDS Church News is an official church publication, readers can use its content in church lessons, meetings, talks and presentations. They can also rely on weekly "Viewpoint" articles, which present a church-approved voice on a topic of current interest.

In addition to these articles, LDS Church News features other timely articles of interest to church members and investigators. One of the site’s goals is to assist in building testimonies and supporting the purposes and teachings of the LDS church.

In 2008 the LDS Church News Web site was redesigned to allow for easier indexing and to help readers find related articles. Material from the Deseret News Church Almanac was also added.

Additional information and photos not printed in the weekly LDS Church News are available on the Web site. All content, including articles dating back to 1988, is available online at no cost.