Why New Media?

Today’s world of digital media provides three key differentiators for your marketing strategy:


John Wanamaker said it best, "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half."  Many types of traditional media reach audiences in aggregate, but only digital media allows targeting segments or individuals.  At Deseret Digital Media, we empower clients to target in ways that are not possible in any other advertising environment.  We can help you reach:

  • Demographic Targets, including age, gender, household income, etc.
  • Behavioral Targets, including intent (browsing behavior) and interests (usage preferences)
  • Direct Response Targets, including e-mail products that target either of the above to complement a media campaign


The ability of digital media to target allows businesses to strengthen branding campaigns to focus unique messages to specific audiences, even while reaching large numbers of potential customers. You can deliver your message to your audience.

The ability of digital media to target also allows you to increase performance. The best way to target your message is to reach customers when they are exhibiting buying and search behavior. New media can deliver your message to active market places where customers are ready to buy.

Whether you are focused on branding or performance, the ability to target makes new media the best choice to grow your business.

This level of targeting is exclusive to new media.


A billboard is only so big, a TV spot can only run so long and a print ad can only take up so much space. However, with new media, your customers can continue to interact, learn and explore, much like you might be doing right now on this Web site.

Smart marketers have learned how to harness the interactive power that comes from great creative. Technology now allows the consumer to interact with the creative asset long after the initial exposure.  Rich media ads have greater impact than ordinary display advertising. Video ads deliver still higher brand awareness, message association and purchase intent.

Here is an example of a highly interactive ad that can be found on DDM’s KSL.com Web site:

This ad does two important things:
1)    Allows a consumer to interact with the content without leaving the site.
2)    Provides a link directly to the advertiser’s site for additional messaging.

This level of interactivity is exclusive to new media.


New media results are measurable, exact, and in most cases, immediately available. The timeliness and exactness of new media results create the ability to customize and optimize in real time.

This ability to gain immediate data on campaign performance or effectiveness allows an advertiser to quickly adjust messaging, targeting and frequency before an entire media buy has been fulfilled.