Why DDM?

The Deseret Digital Media network of Web sites and the DDM new media team of experts can successfully deliver the Intermountain West and LDS markets to your company. DDM’s innovative product portfolio ensures you will reach your customers in the active and trusted marketplaces you need to be successful.

There are four key differentiators DDM can offer your new media strategy:

KSL.com is the largest local media Web site, and one of the largest news and media Web sites in the U.S.:

  • 3.8M monthly uniques in December 2009 with significant year-over-year growth. KSL.com ranks fourth in the nation behind MSNBC, Fox News and CNN.com

  • 178M monthly page views in December 2009


DDM’s value proposition extends not only to our users, but also to our advertisers, who find great success in the variety of products designed to maximize their advertising results.

Solutions-  Brand Optimizer, Photo Galleries, Classified Sponsorship, Featured Ads, Display

The DDM Team- Digital/new media is in our DNA. Our team is comprised of a vibrant, intelligent, and highly motivated team with multiple years of digital and new media experience with such blue chip new media companies as Omniture, AOL, Overstock, Blockbuster.com, Yahoo!, Vehix, Sears and KSL.com. We have the experience to find innovative solutions that are customized to you.

Each month, KSL.com classifieds serves up more than 150 million page views. This allows  advertisers to engage with users who are exhibiting buying and search behavior. While users are buying and searching for both new and used products, they are receptive to additional and complementary offers and messaging.

The DDM network enjoys an immense level of trust from its users. For example, KSL.com benefits from a long history and strong relationship across the Intermountain West built by KSL-TV and Radio. Each has been the No. 1 station, in their respective medium, for more than 60 years. This has created an environment that allows advertisers to build brand loyalty through a trusted marketplace.

Implied Endorsement- The unique environment and audience served by KSL.com provides a level of implied endorsement for its advertisers. Thus, KSL.com users have a higher level of trust in the organization, and advertisers benefit greatly from that trust.

DMC network- In addition to DDM’s digital properties, all of which enjoy unprecedented levels of trust with their users, DDM’s parent company, Deseret Media Companies’ subsidiaries provide an additional layer of trust and relationship that users value and advertisers can leverage.