Company Culture

The Web is always changing. People who are tied to new media realize that if you don’t constantly change and innovate, you will be left behind. Our sites and products have always embraced a forward-looking mindset. offered digital distribution of books long before these products became mainstream. was the first broadcaster to stream live video and audio, the first to post “breaking news,” and the first site in-market to offer free classifieds. Deseret News was the first in-market site to recognize that local affinity for the LDS Church made much more than a local newspaper site. is becoming a resource for a global community seeking news and information through a values-based lens.

Deseret Digital Media holds an event called "D3" (Digital Disruption Day) twice a year, where all employees are invited to spend a day and a night to innovate on an idea that could benefit the company. Below is a video that shows our first ever D3 event and some of the innovations that took place.

While there are many aspects to the culture that make Deseret Digital a unique place to work, we will highlight five:

  • Innovative
  • Adaptive
  • Data-driven
  • Idea-driven
  • Fun

Rather than explain each of these separately, we want to show you how they relate to each other. Please browse some of the art that decorates the walls of our offices and let our employees share in their own words how these images reflect our culture and work environment.