Deseret Digital Media manages the media Web sites of the Deseret Media Companies, including Deseret News, KSL and Deseret Book. The mission of Deseret Digital Media is to become the trusted digital voice in all of the markets we reach. This goal is part of our broader corporate mission to become “trusted voices of light and knowledge, reaching hundreds of millions people.” The corporate mission and values are captured in the document below.

To fulfill this mission, Deseret Digital Media Web sites and products must work hard to do the following:

Become the Trusted Digital Voice. All Deseret Media Companies are owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. That ownership comes with a significant amount of trust and an expectation that we will align our actions to honor our owner. We want to work hard to demonstrate that we value our users and our marketplaces as well. To paraphrase the founder of largest the social media network in the world, "We don’t create communities, they already exist." We know we have to earn the trust of the communities and individuals who choose to use our products. We are not perfect, but we want you to know that Deseret Digital is always working to do the following:

  • Present content that seeks to lift, inspire and help others
  • Engage challenging issues with integrity, civility, morality and respect
  • Provide commercially compelling marketplaces that create value for users and advertisers
  • Enhance the user experience with ads that are relevant and useful
  • Serve ads that are safe and do not violate the user experience
  • Provide tools that empower users to elevate content and dialog
  • Protect personal information of our users

Represent the Voices of Deseret Media Companies. Deseret Digital manages the commercial Web properties of the Deseret Media Companies. This represents a growing network of sites that includes DeseretNews.com, KSL.com and DeseretBook.com. Our partners have invested a great deal in their products and customer experience. We are committed to collaborating with these sister companies in ways that leverage their unique talents and brands, while taking advantage of the focus of a dedicated new media company.

Innovate to Reach the World. Reaching hundreds of millions of people is an ambitious goal, but we have a team that is willing to ask the questions needed to innovate and grow. The power of digital media is that our markets have become global. And while we already have the largest digital media network in Utah, we also have millions of visitors on our sites from all over the world. These numbers will continue to grow.

We also recognize that digital means much more than just the personal computer. We are developing platforms to reach mobile devices, e-readers, tablets and many other formats. The team at Deseret Digital is passionate about innovation and is focused on the power of digital growth.