Growth Objectives

While our long-term vision is to reach hundreds of millions of people, we know we have to be successful in the markets we already lead. With more than 200,000,000 monthly page views and more than 4 million monthly unique visitors, the Deseret Digital network is already the largest online media network in the Intermountain West. We are also the largest LDS marketplace through our flagship LDS brands, including, and

By 2012, we expect the Deseret Digital Network to reach new levels of growth. We have set the following objectives:

  • Reach more than 10 million monthly unique visitors
  • Serve more than 1 billion monthly page views
  • Serve more than 4 billion monthly ad impressions
  • Become one of the most targeted digital marketplaces in the country

Our team is committed to achieve these growth targets through improved user experience, world-class Web analytics, an unrivaled search engine marketing strategy, a series of new and targeted Web sites, and a commitment to creating trusted products that will meet an increasing audience and market need.