began operations in September 1996 as an online resource for brick-and-mortar customers and grew quickly as adoption of online shopping came into its own.

In 2001, the site was relaunched with upgrades to the customer experience, merchandising and user-generated book reviews. Over the next four years, 12-month sales increased 112 percent.

In September 2008, the site was re-engineered on the Rails platform to establish a viable platform and rapid development tools. Digital downloads, customer live chat and shopping-cart-based recommendations were launched 2009.

In the past year, has increased its number of available products by 50 percent.

Unique features of the site include an interactive, integrated catalog and the ability for visitors to have live chats with Deseret Book customer service representatives. The site also allows shoppers to check local stores to see if an item is in stock. is currently making improvements to site navigation and the overall user experience. The goal of the site is to provide the best shopping experience to those who seek to improve their lives and gain light and knowledge.